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better together therapy

Individual and Couple Therapy

“Learning to love and be loved is, in effect, about learning to tune in to our emotions so that we know what we need from a partner and expressing those desires openly, in a way that evokes sympathy and support from him or her.”

Dr. Sue Johnson - Prominent Marriage Researcher

Distanced Couple

Arguing with your partner a lot?

Feeling unloved or unwanted?

Struggling with trust in your relationship?

Want to make a good relationship even better?

Getting married and not sure what comes next?

Maybe you just want to talk about some

personal issues...

How I can help:


Couple Therapy

Move toward each other.

Relationships are the most important things in our lives; sometimes they need a little extra attention.


Premarital Counseling

Embrace new experiences.

Set yourself up for a happy and successful relationship with advanced skills for marriage.


Individual Therapy

Create your preferred lifestyle.

Having a safe place to talk about anything on your mind allows you to develop positive growth.

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Sessions and Fees

100 minute Intake Session   $150

50 minute Standard Session   $100

First appointments must be

paid ahead of time to

reserve your space. 

All other session fees are

due at the time of service. 

Cash and Credit Cards Accepted

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