Individual Therapy

Create your preferred lifestyle

You are probably coming to therapy because you are looking for a change, something about your life is not working for you the way you would prefer.  These types of struggles are human and are to be expected in life.  Difficult experiences and unpleasant emotions happen to everyone.  They are necessary to live a fulfilling and well-adjusted existence.  Without struggle, we don't have a way to know how wonderful the good times are.  

Some people are purposefully taught how to work through difficult issues and some people just haven't been given that education.  There is no shame in not knowing how to prepare four courses of extravagant cuisine just because you haven't had a cooking class.  Therapy is similar.  It takes special skills and knowledge to navigate hard times and challenging emotions.  

Together, we will address those issues and create new strategies for the future.  You may bring any topic to therapy - no matter how unpleasant or taboo.  I will not judge you in anyway.  It is not the therapist's place to tell you the "right" way to live.  We will work together to discover what you want for yourself and negotiate the barriers that prevent you from living your preferred lifestyle.