Pre-Marital Counseling

Embrace a New Experience

Pre-marital Counseling comes in two main types: for those that have never been married and for those where at least one partner has been married before.  

For those that have never been married: it's important to realize that marriage is something completely new, that you have never experienced before (even if you've lived together for a long time).  It is likely that no one has taught you how to function in a marriage.  You may be looking for some guidance.  In this way, pre-marital counseling is no different than taking a science class.  You may have a general idea of how chemicals work, but having a skilled and knowledgeable instructor/counselor can help you make the most of your efforts and help prevent catastrophe.  We will discuss finances, living space, in-laws, children, and more.  We will work on communication, sex, and how to maintain a self within the relationship. 

For those that have been married before: your previous relationship likely did not go the way you had hoped or planned, we will address those issues and create new patterns for your new relationship.  We will work together to establish clear communication about you and your partner's expectations and also discuss finances, living space, in-laws, sex, and a sense of self.  We can also form strategies for how to engage with children from previous relationships.  

Pre-marital Counseling is different from Couples Therapy.  It is often more casual and deals with the more surface level needs in a relationship.  If you feel you need something deeper, Couples Therapy is recommended.